Nostalgic coffee table - „önn schiene Nommdach ömm Museum“

After a short tour of our Moselland Museum, we meet in the old guest room of the former Hotel Ring. The smell of freshly brewed filter coffee awaits us here. The tables are nostalgic or, as we say, "bie freher" with the good "Sunday tablecloths" and collecting cups. In nice company and nostalgic conversation, we enjoy the freshly baked cakes and crispy waffles.

Afterwards we serve a liqueur and one or two bottles of serious wine, of course from the old Treveris glasses from Grandma's glass cabinet.

We promise you “önn schiene Nommdach ömm Museum”.

Price per Person:
22,- € incl. a guided museum tour, coffee / tea, cake, waffles, liqueur and  Wine

Individual dates are possible for groups from 15 people or more.

Please request for current dates available.